XOakers - American Oak

XOakers - American Oak


XOakers are the most convenient way to get authentic oak flavuor into your beer, spirit or wine. These 2.5cm solid oak spheres are made from high quality genuine American Oak which is seasoned for a minimum of 3 years.


The convenient and uniform shape and weight produces reproducible results when oaking multiple vessels with American Oak. No need to weigh them out, simply count how many spheres you want and drop them in to the opening on your fermenter or barrel to achieve your desired result. Every vessel will be oaked to the same extent.


The level of toasting creates different flavours rather than differences in oak intensity, with darker toasting resulting in more caramelised flavour whereas a light toast results in a much more mild flavour being imparted into the beer, spirit or wine.
American oak imparts a more complex and intense oak flavour than French oak.


Dosage rate: 1-2 XOakers per 5L, 450-900g per 60L (depends on desired flavour intensity)

Contact time: 4 months minimum recommended

Toast Level: Medium+