Ss Brewtech - Spunding Valve (Adjustable PRV)

Ss Brewtech - Spunding Valve (Adjustable PRV)


This Ss Brewtech spunding valve is made out of 304 stainless steel and attaches to 1.5" TC hardware.


New to Ss Brewtech's line of products is this adjustable pressure relief valve, commonly referred to as spunding valve. Spunding valves enable Unitank fermenters to both ferment under pressure and condition beer before transferring to a keg.


The polycarbonate cup is designed to hold sanitiser so that the tank remains 100% sanitary throughout the course of the fermentation process.


Two versions of this spunding valve are available, this one is the scaled version that includes an etched sleeve with a scale between 0 - 2 BAR along with a pressure calibrated spring. It is perfect for home or nano brewers who want to be able to dial in the pressure on the fly without having to match the release pressure using a gauge.


The scaled version also features a pressure release knob to quickly and easily verify or equalize tank pressure.