Pure Distilling - Spirit Maker Still (Boiler & Condenser)

Pure Distilling - Spirit Maker Still (Boiler & Condenser)


Why is this still easier to use than others?

There are no multiple thermometers to watch, touchy needle valves to constantly adjust, multiple hoses running everywhere, packing to install or adjustments of any kind needed. Just switch it on and collect your alcohol – it couldn’t be simpler than that!


Other stills on the market are ‘vapour managed’.

This means that in order to get a good result, you need to constantly adjust the water flow to the still in order to maintain a steady temperature. With the Pure Distilling still, you do not need to do this. As long as you have enough water flowing through it (about 1 Litre / minute ), then the flow rate does not affect the operation of the still. This means it is just ‘set and forget’ for perfect results every time. It also means that if your water flow fluctuates, such as on tank water, that it will still run perfectly.


You do not need to worry about which way the water goes in and out, either way works fine.


You do not need to find special size hose – it is designed to use standard garden hose.


You do not need to worry about choosing the perfect temperature and alcohol drip rate are to get the right results – it is set at the factory to always produce excellent results.


The still always produces 92% alcohol – it does not start to get lower and lower percentage near the end like most stills do. This means you don't have to worry about choosing an arbitrary point at which to stop collecting your spirit to get an acceptable taste. When it is done, it is done, and will always give great results.


The high percentage spirit, and the smoothness of the copper means that you get a great taste every time – even if you make some mistakes along the way. Other stills are not so forgiving, and take a lot of effort to get the results that this produces.


Please note.

It’s illegal to distil alcohol for consumption in Australia without a license from the ATO.