Pride of Ringwood Hop Pellets

Pride of Ringwood Hop Pellets


Pride of Ringwood Hops is the quintessential Australian hop. This hops variety was the highest alpha acid hop in the world when it was released in 1965. Other varieties such as Super Pride have taken over that title. Bred from Pride of Kent and open pollination by the Carlton and United Breweries in Melbourne, Australia, Pride of Ringwood at one time occupied more than 90% of the hops production in Australia. This variety was once grown in Kashmir, India, and matures too late to be grown in the United States, and so it predominantly sticks to its roots in the Commonwealth of Australia.


Pride of Ringwood Hops is considered a bittering hop variety although it carries favorable aromatic qualities. The alpha acid content rings in at 7.0%-10.5% and is a dominating force in the Ales and Lager beers from the region. The aroma of Pride of Ringwood Hops can be described as having a spicy kick with essence of citrus and fruit-like tones. The aroma is strong yet delectable, and will be very noticeable in late additions in the wort.


Style Guide:

Amber Ale, American Pale Ale, Australian Lager, Fruit Lambic, Golden Ale, Lager, Pale Ale, Strong Ale


Hop Statistics

  • Alpha Acids: 5.0 - 7.0%
  • Beta Acids: 4 - 8%
  • Cohumulone (% of alpha acid) 33-39
  • Oil Concentration (ml oil/g alpha) 
  • Total Oils (ml/100g) 1.1
  • Myrcene (% of whole oil) 24-41
  • Caryophyllene (% of whole oil) 9-14
  • Farnesene (% of whole oil) <1
  • Humulene (% of whole oil) 2-4
  • Selinene (% of whole oil) 19-30


Similar Hop Varieties:

Cluster, Galena, Super Pride