Outer Mark - Ice Cooler Draught Box

Outer Mark - Ice Cooler Draught Box


What is a Draught Box?

A Draught Box is a transportable draft beer system that serves crisp, cold, perfectly carbonated kegged beer. Commonly known as the ultimate tailgating supply, draught boxes are easy to set up, easy to use and very easy to move.

Often called a “coil box” or “cold plate box,” or “jockey box”

Draught boxes typically come with everything you need to serve cold, crisp beer anywhere - even in your stadium’s parking lot! Complete kits include a cooler box, beer line, cold plate, shank, and tap,


What’s Great About Them?

The cold plate system keeps the beer chilled to just the right serving temperature. All you need inside the chest is some ice and a little bit of water to keep the cold plate chilled. The ideal serving temperature is between 2º and 4º Celcius.

They don't require electricity! So, they can be set up anywhere.

They use CO2 to serve the crispest beer possible! No comparison to beer served using a traditional pump. Traditional pumps use oxygen that causes beer to go flat very quickly. With CO2, beer is fresh and your keg will last longer.

Beer taps allow you to pour beer fast! So, you can easily pour pitchers.


Jockey Box Tricks and Tips

  • Keeping the keg cool is important and insulated Keg Jackets will keep kegs cold in most climates.
  • Kegs should never be stored in direct sunlight or in extreme heat.
  • The cold plate should be kept submerged in an ice water bath. As the ice melts you may need to drain some water and add extra ice.
  • Just like all draft beer systems, cold plate box systems require regular cleaning. All beer contact points - tap body and tap parts, cold plates, beer line connectors and drain tray should be cleaned after each use.


Additional products required

  • CO2 gas cylinder
  • CO2 regulator
  • Gas lines and fittings to the keg
  • Keg of your favorite drink
  • Liquid line from the keg to the Draught Box.