Moutere Hop Pellets

Moutere Hop Pellets


Previously known as Brooklyn, Moutere is a New Zealand variety with parentage from Southern Cross. Moutere is a big hop delivering high alpha acid with a generous weight of oil while its lower cohumulone provides a soft well-structured but solid bitterness. Delivers intense fruity oils with top notes of baking spice and sweet hay. Some say that in the finished beer there are grapefruit, tropical and passionfruit characteristics


Style Guide:

Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA, NEIPA, Ales


Hop Statistics

  • Alpha acid: 17.1 – 19.5%.
  • Beta acid: 8.0 – 10.0%.
  • Co-Humulone: 26% of alpha acids.
  • Total Oil: 1.7mL / 100g.
  • Myrcene: 22.2% of total oil.
  • Humulene: 15.2% of total oil.
  • Caryphyllene: 5.8% of total oil.
  • Farnescene: 0.3% of total oil.


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