FermZilla - Temperature Twister Lid

FermZilla - Temperature Twister Lid


Take the pain and risk away from drilling your own Temp Twister Ports and Thermowell for your FermZilla. Kegland have done the tricky work for you!


Does NOT include:

  • 1 x Red Gas Carbonation Cap
  • 1 x Yellow Carbonation Cap
  • 1 x Red 35psi OR 17psi Yellow Pressure Relief Valve (safety device)
  • 1 x 60cm Thermowell Kit
  • 1 x Temp Twister



  • 60L All Rounder FermZilla
  • 55L Conical FermZilla
  • 30L All Rounder FermZilla
  • 30L Flat Bottom FermZilla (Not pressure rated)
  • 27L Conical FermZilla