FermZilla - Dry Hop Ball Valve

FermZilla - Dry Hop Ball Valve


This stainless ball valve assembly has the PCO 1881 female thread on both sides.


As show in the photo if you use this stainless ball valve in conjunction with the PCO 1881 Tee Piece and the Carbonation Cap, you will have the added advantage that you will be able to use CO2 gas to purge out oxygen from the hops before you dry hop. This assembly makes an inexpensive and very effective dry hopping tool.



Dry hop pellets will require a bit of a shake to get them to fall through the 20mm bore. If you tap the PET Coke bottle this should be enough to make the hops fall down into the fermenter through the ball valve.


PCO 1881 is a 28-mm closure designed for a short-height PET neck finish. The co. describes the development as providing weight savings in the PET preform and the closure as well as offering an attractive closure design for single-serve bottles.