FerMonster - Mesh Strainer

FerMonster - Mesh Strainer


Custom made for FerMonsters and Vintage Shop PET Carboys providing a perfect seal.


Use to reduce the head space on any of Vintage Shop PET Carboys and/or FerMonsters. Simply fill up the strainer with , for example, glass marbles (make sure they are food grade).


Keeps hops, fruit, coffee beans, oak chips, grape skins, and any other ingredient you can imagine inside the strainer without clogging your transfer equipment. This will reduce the chance of any potential mess and make the transfer of your wine/beer a lot easier.


Use the handle from any small spoon or paddle to agitate and mix your ingredients.


You can leave the strainer inside the fermenter long-term with no risk of it altering the flavour or the brewing process because it won't rust. It's BPA free and made out of food grade materials.


The strainer holds onto the hole in the lid of the FerMonster and neck of PET Carboys without any risk of it dropping into the fermenter.

You can use both the MonsterMesh and MiniMesh on the FerMonster at the same time. The MonsterMesh is designed to attach to the lip of the FerMonster and the Mini Mesh is designed to grab onto the hole of the FerMonster lid so that you can have two infusions starting and or ending at different times.


The lid requires the #10 stopper or a medium universal bung.

Both strainers are #50 mesh, and have a maximum recommended temperature of 80° Celcius (122F) (for long term exposure).


The product is designed to be reused multiple times and is dishwasher safe (the top rack only). It is also washing machine safe.


Always sanitize and rinse both products before and after each use. Let it dry before storing it. Can be sanitized with the sanitizer of your choice. Can stand boiling temperatures for up to three minutes (if you wish to sanitize it this way).