Duotight - Blowtie 2 Spunding Valve w/ Integrated Gauge (0-15psi)

Duotight - Blowtie 2 Spunding Valve w/ Integrated Gauge (0-15psi)


This awesome compact solution for adjusting residual pressure in your fermenter makes pressure control easier than it's ever been. This can be used for compressed air, Co2, nitrogen, mains water supply and many other things but it's primary use is to control the residual pressure inside fermenters.


The unit is made from food grade engineering plastic, stainless steel and quality made EPDM seals.


The design utilizes the reliability of the KegLand patented duotight o-ring system to make sure you can fit hoses to this unit quickly and with leak free connections.


Pressure Fermentation's

With pressurised fermentation becoming ever more popular it has become increasingly important to have a method of regulating and controlling this residual pressure from the fermentation process. The BlowTie has been designed specifically for this reason.


Pressure Transfers

When transferring from keg to keg, keg to bottle, or fermenter to keg it's often a good idea to have head pressure in the keg you are filling into especially if you are transferring a beverage that is carbonated. For this reason the BlowTie can consistently control this head pressure giving you more consistent results and without losing carbonation in the process.


Traditional spunding valves that use a simple spring against a seal are flawed right from the beginning as the physical aspects of the design dictate that you will have a significant difference between the opening pressure and closing pressure during operation. Brewers have tolerated this imperfection for long enough and now you can control these pressures far more accurately.


The BlowTie has been made completely differently taking advantage of a diaphragm to actuate the sealing mechanism that will release pressure from the pressure vessel with much more accurate control pressure.



Use the yellow adjustment knob to control the pressure coming out of the pressure vessel. Clockwise is higher pressure and anticlockwise is lower pressure.

We would recommend gassing a keg to a known pressure e.g. 15 psi then attach your Blow Tie Kit to the keg and adjust to 10 psi.


NOTE: These small gauges enable the regulator to be so compact however for more accurate pressures readings we recommend getting different gauges to suit the pressure range you want to use.

  • Mini Gauge 0-23 psi
  • Mini Gauge 0-30 psi
  • Mini Gauge 0-60 psi
  • Mini Gauge 0-150 psi

These gauges are accurate to about 10% of the range of the pressure gauge. So if you use the lowest range possible it will ensure the best possible accuracy.



Do not exceed gauge pressure. If you set a gauge pressure higher than the graduations on the gauge you can damage the gauge. (ie if you are using the 0-60 psi gauge. Do not set pressure above 60 psi or damage to the gauge may occur.