Drip Tray - Stainless Steel Wrap Around

Drip Tray - Stainless Steel Wrap Around


This is a high quality stainless steel drip tray.

The drip trays wrap around the font to make sure they catch all of the drips. 
They also look great and are a good upgrade to the plastic one that comes with most kegerator models. 


The cut away will fit almost any standard kegerator font on the market.

Being stainless steel this will last you forever and also it's dish washer safe.


If you want to plub this drip tray into your bench, it is easy to do. Just drill a hole and get some half inch allthread from Bunnings and attach to the bottom of the drip tray.


17.7cm x 30.5cm x 2cm deep (cut away diameter is 11cm)