Coupler - Key Keg

Coupler - Key Keg


Keg coupler is a key component of the draft beer system that connects beer and gas lines to the keg. Couplers are not universal as they need to fit the specific keg valve they are made for.

This coupler is designed specially for Key Kegs. Key kegs are single use disposable kegs that does away with the need to return kegs to the breweries and bars and also the hassle of cleaning and refilling.

New dispense head for KeyKeg™ with innovative degassing feature. Brass Body improved durability, Offers you long lasting performance Solid Stainless Steel 304 Probe resistance to chemicals Designed for Key Kegs With New Eagle Handle, sturdy design work for more comfortable operators.


What the Key Keg Coupler Does

Think of the keg coupler as a “key” and the valve of a keg as the “lock”. They can’t work without each other. The keg coupler attaches to the valve and to a CO2 compressed gas line. It allows the compressed air to enter the keg and push out the beer.

As a result of all of these components working together, you get a perfectly chilled and delicious draft beer in the comfort of your home.



The Key Keg Coupler has 5/8” Thread. The probe is made of stainless steel that will not wear away over time and your beer will no flavor at all. Keg Coupler’s Body is made from Chrome-Plated brass.