Carbonation Stone & 1/2" BSP Barb

Carbonation Stone & 1/2" BSP Barb


100% Brand New & High Quality Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel 0.5 Micron Diffusion Stone.


How do you install this inside of a keg?

A hose barb attaches it to a length of tubing which is attached to the short down tube under the "in" or" gas side" post or connect it on the CO2 regulator.


Unclogging Your Diffusion Stone

If you're having a difficult time getting air out of your diffusion stone, it may be clogged even from the oils on your fingers.

Boiling the stone will cleanse it, but if you push air/oxygen/CO2 through the stone while boiling it, you'll clear outthe pores of the stone quickly and effortlessly.


Sanitizing a Diffusion Stone

To properly cleanse your stones, we recommend boiling the stone for 1-3 minutes to help break down anything within it

Running some air through the stone during the last minute of the boil can help drive out any broken-down impurities.


Warm Tips:

1.Clean diffusion stones thoroughly before and after use.

2.You had better not touch the actual sintered portion of the stone with your hands. The oils on your fingers can clog the small pores in the stone.

3.Handle the stone by the barb or any attached tubing, or place it in a baggie or some foil to keep a barrier between the stone and your fingers.

4.If the diffusion stone get blocked from handling give a 10 sec dip in acid before rinsing with water.