Brewtools - Unitank

Brewtools - Unitank


Brewtools Unitanks are fermenters you can ferment, carbonate and serve your beer from. They are pressure rated and offers a lot of functionality.



  • Pressure controlled fermentation using a spunding valve.
  • Dry hopping with minimal exposure to oxygen.
  • Forced carbonation.
  • Closed transfer to keg or bottle.
  • Use it as a serving tank.
  • Yeast harvesting from bottom or top.
  • Temperature control using a glycol chiller.


In addition to this, these unitanks offer:

  • Built in cooling jacket for easy cleaning and efficient cooling.
  • TC 2" Heating element port (accessory) for high temperature fermentation.
  • Additional TC ports for accessories.
  • PureBlast™ surface inside and out for easier cleaning, lower risk of hidden micro-pore contamination and no need for passivation.