Blichmann - Hellfire Kettle Burner

Blichmann - Hellfire Kettle Burner


Efficient, fast, and versatile. The new burner from Blichmann Engineering is appropriately named HellFire™! This dual mode capability burner is unlike anything else on the market and is sure to satisfy all your heating needs. No wonder it is patent pending! This custom made burner is tuned to operate in high efficiency mode, and also in a secondary high power mode. In the high power mode, you'll be amazed with 140,000 BTU/hr output for blazing fast heating - double the power of the previous design. Waiting for a boil is now a thing of the past. In the high efficiency mode, you'll get 80,000 BTU/hr and superb heat transfer to the wort and whisper quiet operation. Plenty of power to keep a rolling boil on a 75 litre (20 gallon) batch of beer. Even the efficiency mode has significantly more power than the competition! Includes a patent pending heat shield to keep that massive power off your valve and thermometer and direct it to your wort.




  • Dual mode capacity
  • High Power Mode: 140,000 BTU/hr
  • Efficiency Mode: 80,000/hr
  • Patent Pending Clip-on Heat Shield keeps valves cool
  • Kettle Retaining bars adjust to accommodate kettles up to 75 litre (20 gallon) in diameter
  • Heavy Gauge Rust free Stainless Steel Construction will keep you brewing for years!
  • Designed for outdoor use, the heat shield and body will protect your brew from wind
  • Can accommodate kettles up to 75 litre (20 gallon) Diameter or 113 kilograms (250 lbs). (80 kilograms (175) when using leg extensions).

    Supplied with an American regulator hose. You will need to use your existing BBQ regulator hose or purchase an Australian regulator hose listed in related items.