Black Rock Crafted India Pale Ale

Black Rock Crafted India Pale Ale


Black Rock Crafted IPA is brewed with Caramalt and Roasted specialty malts for a typical IPA bitterness and pale brown colour.


NZ Green Bullet and Pacific Gem hops are added at the boil to provide a moderate-strong bitterness. The wort is dry-hopped to infuse the citrus and subtle floral aromas of Wakatu hops into the final beer. Wakatu is the Maori name for Nelson, New Zealand’s famous hop growing region.


Brew with 1kg of Dextrose/Malt Blend, or combine two cans of Black Rock Crafted IPA to achieve the classic IPA bitterness and hop aroma. Try brewing this recipe with a specialty US ale yeast like Safale US-05, and dry-hopping with added citrus or American style hops.


IBU: 27
EBC: 12
Malts Used: 74% Ale, 13.6% Lager, 12% Caramalt, 0.4% Roasted

Hops, bittering: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem

Hops, dry: Wakatu (Nelson)
ABV: 4.5% (based off of Brewing Sugar reccomendations)