Bench Capper - Super Grifo

Bench Capper - Super Grifo


Here’s a beautifully engineered commercial brewery grade bottle capper “SUPER GRIFO”. This capper is made for commercial use and in home use should last you a lifetime. Capper is all metal, with lots of chrome and very heavy duty cast iron!


Comes with heads for 26 mm (beer) and 29 mm (‘champagne’) crown caps. Very high quality turned steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Does not dimple caps. This is the last capper you will ever buy… This brute is almost two feet tall and weighs 9.5 kg!


At approx 9.5 kg this capper is simply the beast, built to last ten lifetimes. No worries about ever wearing this capper out. Precision made, the quality of this bench capper is unrivaled. Beautiful piece of equipment made in Italy.


  • Stands 50 cm tall and will accommodate bottles up to 40 cm tall.
  • Standard US capping head interchangeable with the larger European capper head which is included.
  • Can be mounted to a bench.
  • Base measures 22.86 cm diameter.
  • There is no flex at all like found with less expensive crappers.



Place an empty bottle on the platform and adjust the height so that you have 1/2″ to 1″ between the bottle and the capping bell. There is a lock-down screw. Lightly pull down the capping arm to be sure the bottle is directly under the bell. Do not crush the bottle. Swing the guide arm into position that so you can quickly position a bottle directly under the bell. Remove the empty bottle. Lightly lube inside the bell (where the caps go) with keg lube. Place a cap on the magnet inside the bell. Place a filled bottle on the platform as guided by the holding arm. Pull down the capping arm. Voila! If eventually you get a hung bottle, WITH A GLOVE gently wobble it to remove and re lubricate inside the capping bell.


After you have capped a few bottles, mark your height settings with a Sharpie so that if you have to make adjustment for a different height bottle you can go back to them in a few seconds!