Beer Bottle - Cold Activated Crown Seals (50pk)

Beer Bottle - Cold Activated Crown Seals (50pk)


These caps will turn blue and display a "Ready To Drink" message when they reach a cold enough temperature 5° Celsius and below.

These caps also have an oxygen absorbing liner that will absorb any oxygen left in the head space. This helps reduce the oxidation that happens during the bottling process, keeps your home brewed beer tasting fresher, and can extend it's shelf life.


Important to note

It is recommended that you only sanitize as many caps as you'll require at the time of bottling. The oxygen-absorbing agent is activated when the cap gets wet. If wet caps are saved for later use, they'll still function as a normal cap, but the oxygen absorbing agent may be depleted.


Dedicated brewers will know that beer exposure to oxygen should only occur before fermentation and not after


It's the same with food - oxygen will damage food so that's why many foods are packaged in plastic with 'oxygen scavenging' features - look at potato chips, the bags they come in are filled with nitrogen!


If you are trying to minimize the amount of oxygen in your bottled beer, mead or wine, you may want to consider using oxygen absorbing caps.


The bottling process can add unwanted oxygen into the beer if you are not careful and too rough with your wort.


To remediate this you can do things like being careful with your pouring into the bottle and using a bottling wand.


If you want to do more than that, the bottle caps can help remove the oxygen that sits above the surface of the beer and between the bottle cap.


If you are looking to cellar or age your beer, these caps could help you achieve your goal.