Azacca Hop Pellets

Azacca Hop Pellets


Azacca is a new hop from Washington that has great aromatic qualities making it great at late or dry hop additions. The aroma has sustained citrus and mango notes with a little orchard fruit. The high myrcene fraction makes this hop great in IPAs. Also with its high acid content, Azacca can be used at the start of a boil to great affect.


Style Guide:

India Pale Ale


Hop Statistics

  • Alpha Acids: 14 – 16%
  • Beta Acids: 4.0 – 5.5%
  • Alpha-Beta Ratio: 2.55 – 4
  • Cohumulone: (% of alpha acids): 38 – 45%
  • Total Oils in mls per 100 grams dried: 1.6 – 2.5
  • Storage(% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20° C): N/A



Similar Hop Varieties:


Suitable Hop Substitutes:

Amarillo, Citra